Warm Up Exercises For Interacting With Polystyrene
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Video (04:06) 2018
Warm Up Exercises For Interacting With Polystyrene:

1. Engage the brain.
Have a coffee with polystyrene. Look at it. Try and maintain eye contact as far as possible.

2. Begin to walk.
Consider polystyrene from all angles. Coffee should be finished by this point.

3. Approach polystyrene from various directions with altering speeds.
Put yourself to moderate strain – this will show polystyrene that you are keen to interact.

4. Change the levels.
Make the polystyrene higher than you – this will alter the hierarchy of the situation. Dust yourself down. Presentability will help polystyrene to respect you.

5. Time to break the physical barrier.
Only if feeling confident. Back off. Approach slowly and carefully with arm of choice extended. Gently prod with middle finger and hold.


An elementary level of polystyrene interaction has now been achieved.

Warm Up Exercises For Interacting With Polystyrene :
On display at the St Andrews Street Space, Aberdeen, in April 2018.
Phoebe Banks