Phoebe Banks
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Shine by Take That
Video (02:21)
SbTT (Still) 2020
“Shine by Take That” is a short film telling the story of an unusual experience I had, in which the receptionist of a bereavement councillor’s office animatedly sang along to the radio whilst I sat in the waiting room.
segment of text :
Feeling slightly uncomfortable, I glance over at the middle-aged man seated behind a desk across the room from me, who appears to be scrolling an article on a computer screen.

There is a radio playing softly in the background and the presenter of whichever local radio station has been selected announces that this, is Shine by Take That.

Absentmindedly the man at the desk reaches to the radio, gently increasing its volume.

He mouths along to the words, his eyes still focused on the screen.