Yesterday Nothing Went Awry

This is a pillar recording an exact moment in my life. I complete a fourteen-step ritual to encourage the future to be what I want it to be, with the preferential outcomes being:

1. The maintenance and nourishment of my personal creativity.

2. Liverpool to win the Premier League.
Video (01:47)
YNWA (Still) 2019
YNWA (Still) 2019
Overshare (05:33)

A short film made up of recording taken while planning YNWA. Audio taken whilst driving the M/A90 between Fife and Aberdeen - a journey I make frequently, often using this boring road to think aloud about whatever art piece with which I am currently fumbling.

Compiled for Grays' Film Showcase 2019
at The Belmont Film House.

Created for RSA New Contemporaries 2019, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.
Phoebe Banks
{ Project supported by: Aberdeen City Council Year of Young People Creative Funding 2018/19 }
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